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How to Choose the Best Flooring for Your Kitchen

Hardwood Kitchen Floors - Twenty & Oak
Inside many households, the kitchen is the ultimate heart of the home and a favorite room to spend time in. After all, where else do you get to spend time with loved ones, share thoughts about your day, and enjoy a delicious meal at the same time! When it comes to choosing the best type of flooring for kitchen layouts, your selection for this special room will depend on a few key considerations. In addition to matching the activity level in your home and general kitchen conditions, your floors need to match your desired design scheme, unify the focal design elements, and possibly add value to your home if that is one of your goals. Depending on how quickly and easily you want to install your floors, different types of kitchen flooring will be better suited than others. Determining your preferences and assessing the needs of your home will ultimately help you choose the best flooring for your kitchen. Here are a few valuable questions to answer as you narrow down your purchase decision: 

What are the best kitchen flooring materials?
What are the trending kitchen design schemes?
How do I pair kitchen flooring with my cabinets?

What are the best kitchen flooring materials? 

As you begin your flooring search, think about the activity that your kitchen will experience specific to your family. In addition to being generally easy-to-clean and durable, many homeowners start by exploring water-resistant or waterproof flooring for kitchen installation. Do you have active little ones and pets that can produce frequent spilled liquids and knocked-over food? Do you have a distracted teen learning to cook and clean the kitchen properly? If you answered ‘Yes’ to either scenario, waterproof or water-resistant flooring will indeed be a top priority. Your search will begin with the best vinyl flooring for kitchen design and the best laminate flooring for kitchen design. Both Luxury vinyl and sheet vinyl will offer you stylish waterproof surfaces that you can wet-mop and will not be damaged by standing water, will offer resiliency, comfort underfoot, tremendous ease of installation over a variety of subfloors, is kinder to your budget, and LVT will offer added durability and hardwood realism. Similarly, attractive laminate options will offer you tremendous durability, enhanced water resistance, ease of installation, and the realistic texture and feel of real wood. The best hardwood flooring for kitchen installation will be an engineered variety that combines a genuine wood veneer with a composite core construction to handle activity. So, the best type of flooring for your kitchen will be able to handle the specific conditions in your home within your budget parameters.

Kitchen Hardwood Floors - Azalea Lane - Twenty & Oak

What are the trending kitchen design schemes? 

Once you identify your favorite kitchen flooring materials, now it’s time to focus on an aspect we all love- style! Thanks to modern innovation, you can now have the look, feel, and even an actual hardwood wear-layer in your kitchen for vast design capability. If you’ve been researching farmhouse kitchen flooring ideas, you will love the gorgeous rustic beauty and distinct hardwood characteristics of styles like Riviera Flooring by Palmetto Road in color Monaco and Deja New Flooring by Metroflor in the Coastal Oak Oxidized variety. Airy, natural floors are still thriving within a coastal chic design scheme and a lighter, wire-brushed option like Controlled Chaos Flooring by Hearthwood in color Entropy will work perfectly. Perhaps you want your inspired culinary space to create a sleek modern feel in a trending shade. A stylish grey wood look like BlackTex HD Flooring by Beauflor in Minimalist Slate will produce a high-fashion minimalist visual. Stone look floors and creative patterned layouts can help you craft a sleek, retro, modern, chic, or one-of-a-kind feel for your kitchen. No matter what design scheme you prefer, you can even use your flooring choice and layout pattern to make your kitchen appear larger and more inviting. 

How do I pair kitchen flooring with my cabinets?

As you narrow down your favorite kitchen flooring styles, you will definitely want to look at how each style will play against your kitchen cabinets. Instead of trying to match the two shades exactly, a savvy approach is to mix complementary tones and materials for supreme balance. Wood looks pair well together, as well as contrasting wood pairings. Lighter-colored wooden cabinets will balance a darker wood-look floor like Mountain Ridge Flooring by Palmetto Road in color Bristol, whereas the color Allegheny variety will contrast darker wood cabinets appropriately. If you have painted cabinets, a natural stone look floor such as BlackTex HD Flooring by Beauflor will provide a complimentary smooth texture. If you do want to color match your flooring and cabinets for an overall design, you can provide textural contrast within a monochrome layout. We love the wire-brushed, distressed texture of options such as Chalmers Flooring by Palmetto Road for adding engaging visual interest within a balanced kitchen. Once you’ve found the perfect flooring and cabinet combo for your design scheme, you can consider making an artistic statement with your kitchen backsplash or countertops for a bold design focal point. 

Order Your Free Flooring Samples

Make sure to order your free flooring samples to get an accurate idea of how your favorite options will look when paired with the cabinets in your kitchen. After your samples arrive, shipped for free of course, make sure to schedule an appointment with a Twenty & Oak dealer to get an accurate quote and prepare for installing your new kitchen floors!
Twenty & Oak Flooring Experts
Twenty & Oak Flooring Experts are a team of flooring professionals with over 150 years of combined experience in the industry. They have hands-on experience with all flooring types and bring inside industry know-how to homeowners in the Southeast. 

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