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Top Free AI Tools to Help Redesign Your Home

As much as we cherish our beloved homes and familiar spaces, every now and then our stylish rooms can use a burst of revitalized energy to help boost morale, productivity, and overall satisfaction. Before you run out and hire a costly professional interior designer, we suggest taking a different route: Try your hand at using free online AI interior design tools to begin creating a custom vision for your home! With a variety of impressive features and functions, you may find that rendering the layout of your dreams is easier than you ever imagined- and without dipping into your design budget. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top free AI interior design tools that you can use to redesign your home: 

What Actually Is AI?

We hear the buzzword “AI” all the time, more and more, yet what does AI mean? AI stands for artificial intelligence of course, but less of the robots or cyborgs you see in movies and more mathematical-based programs. The AI tools that the average web user will experience ‘leverage computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind’, according to IBM. These technological advancements can be used across nearly every industry, and that certainly includes interior design. Although AI can sound and feel daunting initially, many fascinating user-friendly tools will quickly become some of your favorite go-to websites and apps. 

How Does AI Work for Interior Design?

Basically, AI interior design tools will help spark your creativity and help show you how your ideas might look in real life. Similar to a web visualizer tool you may have used before, these tools employ algorithms that use your style preferences, color palettes, furnishings, and other design elements to produce visual renderings. User-friendly AI design tools ask you to input different criteria and set parameters for templates and floorplans to create custom designs. You can then use the 2D and 3D renderings to inform and finalize your design choices once you love how they look and feel. 

What Are the Best Free AI Interior Design Tools?

To get started with your home renderings, we’ve selected three of the best free AI interior design tools to explore: 
We love AI Room Planner because you can focus on specific rooms like bedrooms versus living rooms, and even commercial spaces. Simply upload an image or video of the room, choose your space and style, and you can receive multiple designs with suggestions for color, lighting, furniture arrangement, and more. 
Well-known, user-friendly, and free, Planner 5D is available on many phone types and laptop operating systems and has both 2D and 3D editors that allow you to create floorplans, design layouts, and edit from multiple angles. There’s also a robust digital catalog available to import items, plenty of customizable templates, as well as sharing and collaborative features. 
RoomSketcher will allow you to draw and generate 2D and 3D floor plans with complete measurements. This is a great program to start with a blank canvas, use an imported sketch or one of the templates from the extensive design library, and then flesh out your project with the furniture library and additional features. 

Which AI Interior Design Tool Do I Need?

Choosing an AI interior design tool is really based on your end goal. Look at the features of the tool to see which will help your goals the most. If you are starting a brand-new design from scratch and have never used AI technology before, look for a basic tool that focuses on color scheme and placing furnishings in a space to help you from feeling overwhelmed. If you are interested in modifying a design template that already exists, select a tool that has more advanced capabilities such as 3D modeling and virtual reality integration. Don’t get frustrated if an AI design tool feels too tricky at the beginning, because most are extremely intuitive, straightforward, and simply take a little time to get the hang of! When combined with using actual flooring samples in your spaces, you can create a custom, chic design that provides long-term satisfaction:

When using AI interior design tools, keep in mind that many of them also offer premium plans with additional benefits and functions that can help you complete your redesign. Start with the free version first, and then upgrade to premium as needed! You may also be able to use customer support of your favorite AI tool to get the most out of your efforts. Don’t forget to complete our Floor Genius Quiz for flooring style recommendations that fit your style preferences and household specifications, which you can then use for your rendering when prompted for flooring criteria. 

It’s time to stress less and use AI to work smarter, not harder!
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