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Utterly cozy and charming, organically luxurious and warm. There’s just something about a Rustic interior design scheme that instantly reassures the soul and puts you at ease. Whether it’s sipping a steaming cup of coffee in the morning, hosting an elegant dinner party in the evening, or relaxing with a glass of wine by the fire at night, a rustic home is as versatile as it is nostalgic. Maybe you’ve also heard the terms ‘farmhouse chic’ or ‘country vogue’ as well. All of these names describe the relaxing blend of traditional countryside and fresh, fashion-forward appeal. If you are naturally drawn to this comfortable feel, our Twenty & Oak Rustic Style Box with hand-selected flooring samples by talented designers can easily help you find rustic floors you adore- When your heart is pulled towards certain colors, markings, and design elements, you know it’s a match! Let’s take a moment to dive into more trademark characteristics of rustic design style: 

What does rustic design look like?

Imagine spending time with loved ones in a North Carolina mountain town like Boone or Asheville. Perhaps you’re renting a picturesque cabin in the Appalachian foothills that wind through Tennessee and Georgia. Take all of the gorgeous natural elements that make these settings so memorable, add a dash of upscale appeal, mix in fashion-forward furniture and fabrics, and now you have a chic rustic design that will serve your home for years! Think earthy, warm, rugged, and welcoming. Using high-character materials like knotty wood, metal with patina, and natural stone, it’s all about bringing the relaxing atmosphere of nature indoors. The main rustic color palette will include all shades of wood, browns, beige, creams, and whites, with muted accents of tan, red, blue, green, yellow, and gray added in. Layered rugs, woven textiles, and faux fur throws will add cozy softness and enhance the timeless feel. A fireplace or wood-burning stove are always prized centerpieces, and exposed wood beams and wooden mantles are often standout features as well. Use decorative and vintage pieces such as artwork, antlers, and furnishings made from copper, iron, pewter, and brass. It’s all about designing a layout that combines your favorite present-day looks while honoring the classic, rustic ambiance! 

Talk to a Twenty & Oak Flooring Pro about Rustic Floors!

What are the best flooring types for rustic homes? 

A gorgeous, relaxing rustic home starts with the perfect floors that you love, that will also anchor your design aesthetic and provide the ideal performance. Your rustic floors need to provide that undeniable connection to the great outdoors, falling into an overall theme of natural materials used throughout all aspects of your rooms. Genuine hardwood and waterproof hardwood planks are an absolute no-brainer for warmth, presence, and eye-catching style that hits the bullseye while improving your property value. Modern luxury vinyl and laminate options provide realistic graining, texture, and markings for dazzling renovations, and can also be easier to purchase and install! You can also use stone-look LVT and laminate with slate, terracotta, and vintage-inspired tile visuals to complete the authentic farmhouse chic look to perfection. After you narrow down your favorite rustic flooring style, the way your floors are installed can help create an unforgettable impression. Longer, wider plank sizes will instantly make spaces feel more luxurious while showcasing more of your favorite distinctive graining, knots, and markings. If you want to use natural stone visuals for your rustic flooring, consider a cobblestone layout or staggered brick pattern to create an authentic appeal that’s equally memorable and cozy. For added comfort in your rooms, use rustic area rugs with classic rural patterns, motifs, and visual depictions that reinforce the theme. Woven rugs and cut-and-loop rug constructions will add depth and visual interest while keeping your rooms warm and uncomplicated.

What are the most popular rustic flooring tones & finishes?

If you cherish timeless style and the laidback pace of the countryside, rich hardwood planks full of character will bring this look to life. It’s all about crafting the perfect visual that works for your specific home and preferred feel! Reclaimed planks with dramatic distressing, saw marks, and bold texture will bring salvaged barn wood to mind, an ideal way to add some pop to your interior. To brighten up spaces effortlessly, airy, light-colored wood tones with brushed texture and subtle grain will create a clean look that’s easy to maintain in an active home. Popular grey, beige, and greige wood tones provide a versatile, neutral foundation that’s perfect for unifying old and new elements together, gives plenty of rustic appeal, and can still fit different design themes down the line. Looking to turn up the chic factor? Today’s wood visuals and treatments produce creative, artistically elevated rustic floors that are anything but predictable. Smoked hardwoods display high color change and variance within the final patina, where eye-catching planks will differ side-by-side with enhanced grain and rich tones. For a softer, sophisticated rustic look, bleached hardwoods with super low gloss finish actually remove the traditional stain to make the grain visible from below the ash-white surface. No matter what your favorite rustic vibe is, your flooring choices will help you capture your ultimate design vision like a dream.

Make sure to take our Floor Genius Quiz for even rustic flooring recommendations that will help inspire the layout you’ve always wanted. When you want to see larger rustic flooring samples in person, schedule an appointment with a Twenty & Oak dealer to get an accurate feel for your favorite styles. Your new floors will provide premium enjoyment for you now, and your rustic aesthetic will age gracefully as the years roll on!
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