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It all started in Charleston, South Carolina with a familiar drive over the Ravenel Bridge, a long glance at the Cooper River and historic city below, and a feeling of wanting to be home.  Home, where the demands of the day would be quieted and the evening would begin with a gathering of friends and family on the porch.  That moment of contentment and appreciation for the beauty of home and family was the beginning of Veranda

If These Floors Could Talk

The artisans at Palmetto Road had created a gorgeous new collection of French Oak hardwood sourced from France and Belgium, a coveted area for oak.  Just like every Palmetto Road collection, this one had been thoughtfully and carefully selected, but something was different.  It had all the beautiful craftsmenship and design of a Palmetto Road floor, but it also had its only story.  It seemed that the floor had chosen its own path.

This beautiful new collection would begin a new brand of premium hardwood that perfectly captures the look and feel of heirloom floors, while also being thoroughly modern. These floors would be found in a home enjoyed by generations.  

An Ode to Charleston

It seemed fitting if Veranda by Palmetto Road was named after a place of gathering for many Charlestonian families (front porch, back porch, piazza, veranda), that the first collection should be named Charleston. Inspired by the love of their hometown, the stylists at Palmetto Road considered the gorgeous colors in the new collection and saw their favorite things about the Lowcountry.  It was not long before the beautiful floors before them were named Oyster Shell, Sweetgrass, Cottonfield, Sweet Tea, Carriage House, and Sand Dune.

Floors for the Southern Home

The Charleston Collection features 8" wide planks that are handcarved from fine French Oak hardwood and finished with a low gloss stain for a matte look.  An unprecedented fuming technique is used to age the natural grain and lock in the signature colors that perfectly capture the beauty of the Lowcountry.  

Although an engineered floor, the Charleston Collection has a 4mm face which means it is thick enough to be refinished if needed.  Typically, only solid hardwood can be refinished so, this is a valuable feature in the Charleston Collection and one that sets it apart.  Over the course of time, hardwood can become worn or scratched, but refinishing it will bring back its original beauty.

The engineered construction also allows the Charleston Collection to be installed in homes across the Southeast from the coast to the mountains.  In a coastal town, it is difficult to install solid hardwood floors because of the humidity which could cause potential buckling and warping. 

Although Veranda by Palmetto Road is new to the hardwood scene, it is an extension of the Palmetto Road brand which, over the past decade, has become a household name in the Southeast. The Charleston Collection is just the beginning for Veranda.  We can't wait to see how the story unfolds and what beautiful new hardwood collections await.

Veranda by Palmetto Road is sold exclusively in the Southeast through select flooring dealers.

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