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Home / Expert Picks / The Benefits of Classic Hardwood
  • Choosing hardwood flooring for your household comes with many benefits that make the investment well worth it.

  • Hardwood floors are both timeless and stylish, making them a great choice for your home.
  • ​If you’re looking to upgrade your home, hardwood floors are a great option as they can help to increase your home resale value.
Little black dress, Louis Vuitton  bag, leather riding boots, and absolutely anything that comes in a certain blue little blue boxbox...the classic pieces in a wardrobe that are worth the investment because they never go out of style.  Fashion for your home can be just as timeless when you select staple pieces such as classic hardwood floors.
A Great Foundation

There are floors that are bold and make a big statement. Undoubtedly beautiful, they are the centerpiece of the room and every other design element builds off of them and complements them.  Then, there are classic hardwoods that command notice for their beauty, but in a more quiet and elegant manner.  These hardwoods are the foundation for the design of the entire room. 

Azalea Lane Bradford Collection flooring

Timeless Charm

Stunning hickory, maple, and oak floors with warm and traditional stain colors are generous to fabrics, furniture, and area rugs.  They allow for the color scheme of the room to change and evolve, without ever losing their own high style.  When you invest in timeless hardwood, you are never locked down to one look.  Classic hardwoods can easily work with a traditional or contemporary room. Available in different plank widths and lengths, classic hardwoods are the floors you can count on to always be in style, regardless of how many times you change the decor of your home. 

Somerset Flooring Classic Collection in Mystic shade

What's Old is New Again

Although matte finish seems to be the trend in flooring, we were in a living room recently with a high gloss floor that was so stunning, we couldn't take our eyes off of it.  Also, a mid to high gloss finish makes it incredibly easy to wipe up messes on the floor.

refinished hardwood flooringClassic hardwood floors, especially solids or engineered with a thicker face, can be refinished if they become worn over the years.  They can be restored back to their original beauty, or a new stain can be applied for a refreshed look.  This is a definite advantage over a hardwood with intricate stains and a detailed surface treatment.  When they are refinished, they can lose their original character.

Our Recommendations

If classic hardwood fits your home and style, we suggest browsing  Azalea Lane and Somerset hardwood collections which offer both solid and engineered hardwood.  These brands are well known for durable, beautiful hardwoods in a range of wood species, plank widths, stains, and gloss options.   All of Somerset hardwood flooring is made in the USA, while Azalea Lane offers three domestically made collections.  

Somerset Hardwood Classic Collection in Natural Red Oak shade

Twenty & Oak flooring dealers offer both Azalea Lane and Somerset with many featuring the full display for both lines so you can see all the gorgeous options.  

Want to learn more about hardwood? Check out our Buying Guide articles.  If you’re interested in finding the best type of hardwood flooring for your home, take our Floor Genius Quiz.

Additional images: Top right:  photo credit iStock; Middle right:  Somerset Hardwood, High Gloss, Cherry Oak
Twenty & Oak Flooring Stylists

Twenty & Oak Flooring Stylists are a team of flooring professionals dedicated to selecting beautiful floors that are not only functional, but offer high design, unique style, and great looks for the modern American home. 

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