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With less square footage than other rooms in the home and a high usage rate from residents and guests alike, it makes sense to give your bathrooms an updated design scheme that will be appreciated daily. Since we use our bathrooms to rejuvenate and unwind, an inspired space will go a long way in providing a soothing atmosphere that helps everyone feel refreshed. As we described in our Finding the Right Floor for Your Master Bathroom article, your flooring must be ready to handle humidity and standing water without being compromised- while still anchoring the stylish d├ęcor. Therefore, waterproof flooring styles such as luxury vinyl, sheet vinyl, laminate, and waterproof hardwood will be your surefire picks for premium performance.  Whether you crave a fashion-forward layout, or a relaxed, cozy feel, let’s take a deeper dive into the popular bathroom flooring materials for three of the hottest design schemes: 


What are the flooring trends for a modern bathroom? 

A modern-inspired bathroom will emphasize purpose, precise lines, and balance, presenting a minimalistic visual overall. Neutrals such as black, white, gray, beige, and greige, combined with muted finishes, will deliver modern bathroom flooring to perfection. Cool, darker wood tones like Park Collection by Azalea Lane in color Sequoia are thriving in modern design, as well as the lighter- end of the color spectrum such as Style by Beauflor in color Elegant Light Grey. If you prefer grey bathroom flooring for your modern space, you can’t go wrong with the look of a wood, concrete, or stone bathroom floor. Consider Deja New Flooring by Metroflor in Smooth Concrete Stoneware, Pure by Beauflor in color Urban Gunmetal, or even  BlackTex HD Flooring by Beauflor in color Minimalist Slate to capture the popular modern shade of a slate bathroom floor. Many monochromatic stone and tile visuals with subtle movement such as Intrigue Flooring by Palmetto Road in color Southport and color Hampton will also serve your modern bathroom with timeless luxury. Make sure to keep your modern bathroom focused, proportional, and use savvy geometric patterned area rugs if you need a touch of softness and color.

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What are the flooring trends for a coastal bathroom?

If you love the idea of a soothing, beachy vibe for your bathroom, a popular coastal chic design scheme will help you find tranquility each day. Immediately, airy wood visuals with subtle wire-brushed texture come to mind, such as Laguna Vibes by Raintree Flooring in color Egret. Charming medium brown wood looks with character such as Deja New Flooring by Metroflor in Clean Oak Sun Bleached and Grand Isle by Palmetto Road in color Pirate Ship will provide laid-back appeal like the planks of your favorite boardwalk. If your bathroom features mosaic tile elements or shimmery glass tile, gorgeous light to medium wood looks will pair exceptionally well. Many coastal communities often feature vibrant exterior paint colors and bold color choices indoors, so you may also choose to indulge in rich shades: Deja New Flooring by Metroflor in color Alleyway Indigo blue bathroom flooring or an eye-catching green like color Alleyway Kiwi are colorful options that can help you create an unforgettable, more tropical bathroom. Think of familiar textures and relaxing shades from your favorite beachside city and bring some of this meaningful inspiration inside your home!


What are the flooring trends for a farmhouse bathroom?

A rustic farmhouse bathroom design will showcase warmth, coziness, and familiarity, with enough modern touches to avoid feeling dated.  Perfect for adding timeless, authentic wood detail in a trending neutral shade, a greige plank like Essence by Beauflor in color Lime Oak will provide the valuable balance of beige and grey tones to unify all elements. For standout rustic appeal, a brighter wood visual with striking texture such as Style by Beauflor in color Vivid Natural will provide organic luxury in your bathroom. Reclaimed looks that bring weathered barn wood to mind, including Inspire Flooring by Palmetto Road in color Park Side, will deliver dramatic vintage flair, while an artistic look such as Intrigue by Palmetto Road in color Seabrook or Style by Beauflor in color Rustic Dark will recall an old farm with enhanced creativity. By highlighting distinct graining and character, as well as warm tones and natural texture, these rustic flooring trends will help you capture the bathroom visual you crave. 

If you’re looking to complete a quick design refresh before listing your home on the market, there’s no time to waste! Simply order free flooring samples of your favorite styles and then schedule an appointment with a Twenty & Oak pro to get an accurate quote on the winning option. Your favorite bathroom flooring trends will help you land excellent offers and move your property quickly! 
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