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These days, people find themselves spending a lot of time at home. With more time spent around the house, homeowners have the opportunity to turn their house into the home they’ve always wanted with renovations that add their personal touch. Along with adding a personal touch that homeowners will enjoy, the right improvements will increase their home’s resale value

So, while you’re spending time in your house, create a home hideaway where you and your loved ones can find peace, happiness, fun or whatever improvements will make you feel the most comfortable in your space. 

You deserve to feel good about your home. After all, you live there. Here are five ways to make your home your personal sanctuary. 

1. Make Some Upgrades

So, you find that you’re going to be spending a lot of time at home. That means it’s time to dig in and make some upgrades to maximize your space. 

For instance, these first months of spring offer cooler weather, which is the perfect time to paint walls or install new floors. The nice weather will allow you to open windows to flush out odors and allow certain flooring types to acclimate. 

Even if you decide not to make huge upgrades, you can at least give your home some spring cleaning. It’ll take some upfront grunt work and elbow grease, but you’ll be happy the clutter is removed and the house is fresh so you can enjoy your at-home sanctuary. 

2. Create a Spa-Inspired Bathroom

Create a Spa-Inspired Bathroom 

Create an upscale, spa-like retreat right in your own bathroom. Upgrade your bathroom floors to something more luxurious, such as vinyl planks and tiles or waterproof hardwoods. Go the extra mile and install in-floor heating that warms your feet right out of the shower. Trust us, you won’t regret this.

Paint the walls in earth tones, such as blues and greens, to promote a relaxing atmosphere. Like a spa, you want to keep the lights down low. Install a dimmer switch to the bathroom’s overhead lights, turning them down low and using candles as you enjoy a long soak in the bath. You can also upgrade to a waterfall showerhead or a showerhead with different spray settings.  

Add some lush, tranquil greenery to the bathroom or, at the very least, place a bouquet of flowers on the vanity or beside the tub to add a lovely scent and vibrant colors. 

3. Rest in a Resort-Style Bedroom

Rest in a Resort-Style Bedroom 

Just as important as a Zen-like bathroom, your master bedroom should make you feel as comfortable as if you were in a posh five-star resort. You sleep there every night and there’s no comparison to getting a deep night’s sleep and waking up feeling absolutely rejuvenated. 

First, upgrade your bedding to include high-quality percale sheets and pillows. Be sure to hang some blackout curtains to keep sunlight from casting through, allowing you to sleep even after sunrise. Some heavier curtains will also absorb any outside sounds, like your neighbor’s lawnmower.  

4. Set Up an Entertainment Area

If your family loves to unwind with sports, movies, or video games, designate an area to keep everyone entertained. 

For most homeowners, this would be the living room, but if you’ve been meaning to finish or remodel a basement, how nice would it be to create the ultimate entertainment area! 

After it’s all done, set up your media equipment–along with a TV and surround sound speakers–and sink into new, cozy sofas or a sectional spacious enough for the whole family to unwind. Also, consider adding tabletop games like a ping pong table or billiards table.   

5. Spruce Up the Backyard

Even though you’re home, you can still enjoy the great outdoors in your backyard! Avoid staying cooped up inside all day long and be sure to get some fresh air and sunlight. Luckily, there are several ways you can do so.

For starters, spruce up the landscape. Add some bushes to the lawn or potted plants to the porch area or veranda. Unfold an umbrella for some extra shade and hang a hammock for reading and an afternoon snooze. If you have a pool, throw in some floats for everyone to stay chilled on hot days.  

When the sun goes down, strike up the barbecue grill and dine out al fresco, of course! One extra step you could take during upgrades is to build a fire pit so that your family can enjoy fireside chats and s’mores. 

Make Your House the Home You’ve Always Wanted


If you’re just starting to make home improvements, it can seem a bit challenging at first. But follow these useful tips and you’ll transform your house into the relaxing sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of.

If you wish to upgrade to create a relaxing resort-like home design, use our Floor Genius Quiz and find your perfect floor. 

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