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Summer is finally here! Oversized unicorn pool floats, lazy nights by the fire pit, melting popsicles, catching fireflies to the sound of little giggles—needless to say, summer is my favorite time of year for so many wonderful reasons. Being a mom in the summer has its peaks and valleys. While we love the freedom of no school and less scheduled activities, I try to keep my daughters, Caroline (7) and Charlotte (4) from getting bored. To accomplish this and create a summer to remember, we create the Ultimate Summer Bucketlist each year.
Are you hoping to plan an unforgettable summer? First, get the entire family involved. Each member of the family gets three-to-four brightly colored cards. On each card, we all write one summer activity that we’d love to experience. The catch? Each activity has to be in or around home to keep the cost reasonable—and allow us to actually enjoy our house. If your family is anything like mine, we are NEVER home during the school year. As an interior designer, I put so much love into every aspect of our home. So, summer is the perfect time to slow down and enjoy each other and our house.

To display the Ultimate Summer Bucketlist, we place all of the brightly colored cards in a large glass jar tied with a fun ribbon. Every week throughout the summer, we take turns selecting cards at random and work together to make that bucket list item a reality.  It’s so much fun for all of us! If you’d love to create the Ultimate Summer Bucketlist for your family this summer, here are a few ideas:
Neighborhood Water Balloon Fight
My 4-year-old loves water balloons! Get the entire neighborhood involved by filling large Tupperware tubs with water balloons and let the kids make some incredible memories. Be prepared with sunscreen and towels.
The World’s Biggest Fort
Perfect for rainy summer days, get the whole family involved in arranging chairs, pillows, and blankets to create a huge fort. It’s a great opportunity to get out the popcorn and turn on your favorite movies.
Butterfly Kit
My kids love watching the magic of caterpillars turning into butterflies. This one is also a learning opportunity. Purchase a Butterfly Kit and check on your creatures each morning to care for them and monitor their progress.
Whatever activities you decide to add to your jar, summer can cause a lot of wear and tear on your home. Think spills, splashes, and accidents from crafts, muddy feet, burst water balloons, and more. Twenty and Oak is the ultimate flooring inspiration destination and offers so many gorgeous flooring solutions for busy summer households like mine. Check out waterproof flooring by Palmetto Road for the ideal stress-free summer floor. Built on an innovative waterproof core, spills stay on top for simple clean up. My hardwood floors were already installed when we moved in years ago, but if you’re looking for a similar visual, I love the Fawn color with its honey tones and grey striations. 
Are you ready to take on summer with your family? We can’t wait to see all the fun that you and your family create at home! Be sure to tag us in your summer fun on Instagram.  And don’t forget to visit a Twenty and Oak retailer to find your perfect summer floors.
Mollie Surratt

Mollie is usually speeding in with an oversized Louis Vuitton bag full of pull ups, pink lip gloss and paint swatches—with a latte in hand.  She’s got a great eye for interiors that translates to, well, real life. Born and raised in Atlanta, Mollie grew up in her family’s couture bridal business. Today, her family’s business, bridals by lori, is the stage of the hit TLC reality show Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta.  

Mollie spent 12-years working in the flooring industry, but left the corporate world to begin her dream, Mollie Surratt Marketing & Interiors.  Her unique perspective as a busy professional mama of two girls is eclectic, considerate and sophisticated- with a huge dash of fun and humor in the mix.

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