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Waterproof flooring? So helpful.  It is the friend you need when the going gets soggy, sandy, muddy, and all around messy. 

Anyone who has had a muddy dog suddenly dodge into the house or a child covered in sand walk into the kitchen for a snack understands that a simple mess can spread really fast.  Waterproof flooring allows you to take care of the mess first...then your floors.  Durable, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and able to withstand topical water spills for a great period of time, waterproof floors can wait patiently to be cleaned.  

Beauty First

As much as we appreciate the functionality of waterproof flooring, the truth is what we really want is a beautiful floor.  Waterproof flooring provides both beauty and function.  Available in hardwood and tile designs, waterproof flooring offers a range of visuals.  From traditional to weathered hardwood, hand scraped to wire brushed texture, and natural stones to ceramics, there is a waterproof option for practically every style of hardwood or tile flooring.  Waterproof flooring offers great design flexibility.  The same floor that looks gorgeous in your kitchen can easily be carried over to your living room, dining room, and bedrooms for a seamless look throughout your home. 

Alternatively, if you plan to install waterproof flooring in one room and want it to coordinate with other flooring in the home, that is easily achieved as well.  Waterproof flooring comes in a range of color options with matching molding pieces.  

The Core of the Matter

So, what exactly is waterproof flooring?  The actual construction varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but all waterproof flooring is essentially luxury vinyl flooring with a waterproof core. While it may look very much like hardwood floors, there is no actual wood in the construction.  For example, Palmetto Road waterproof floors are made of multiple layers.  The bottom layer is the waterproof core, the middle layer is luxury vinyl, and the top layer is a ceramic bead finish. 

The ceramic bead top layer gives the floor it's "all business" edge.  That layer provides the floor its superior dent, scratch, and stain resistance, along with its good reputation for being a hardworking floor.  This feature also makes waterproof floors a popular choice for areas with high foot traffic, busy households, and families with pets. 

(For the inside scoop on the construction of waterproof and multi-layer flooring, check out Decoding Multi-Layer Flooring in our Education section.)


Waterproof floors can be installed in any room, on any level of a home.  The collections vary from entry level to premium.  Waterproof floors are the perfect choice for your home, beach cottage, rental property, and even your business.  Palmetto Road Rigid Core Impact collection has a 20 mil wear layer and is well suited for light commercial spaces. 

Another great option in waterproof flooring is waterproof hardwood floors from Raintree Floors. A hybrid of real wood and rigid core, Raintree offers a gorgeous alternative when you want real wood with the performance of a SPC flooring.  

If the options in waterproof flooring seem overwhelming, take a breath and remember these are worry-free floors.  We have you covered. A Twenty & Oak flooring dealer is educated on waterproof flooring and has large format samples in their showroom so, you can easily and confidently make the best choice for your home. 

Photo credits:  (top right) iStock; (bottom right) Palmetto Road Impact Collection in "Waterline"


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