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Football, foliage, and floors...all things that the fall season brings in with great finesse. Yes, floors! Fall is the perfect time to install new flooring in your home.  
Fall Brings a New Season for New Floors
While any season is the best season for new flooring, the fall is definitely more cooperative especially when installing hardwood floors.  With hardwood floors and some luxury vinyl flooring, the flooring needs to be acclimated to 72 degrees before it can be installed in a home. Thanks to fall's cool, crisp air and low humidity the floors are ready for installation faster since they are already acclimated to the right temperature!
Somerset Hardwood Winter Wheat
Warm and Cozy Vibes

Cooler temperatures make us want to stay inside and enjoy the warmth of our homes. One of our favorite moments in the fall season is that first chilly night when you can finally light the fireplace.  Ahhh, it's just so cozy.  But, you don't have to wait for those cozy vibes; there are other ways to capture that feeling throughout the season. Nothing gives more warmth and style to a home than new hardwood floors or floors that look like hardwood such as modern luxury vinyl plank and tile options. 

It's not all about feelings, though.  The fact is new flooring increases the value of your home.  While hardwood floors top the list for home improvement, waterproof flooring is also hugely attractive to today's home buyers. Hardwood floors are always in style, but are a big investment. Waterproof luxury vinyl floors offer all the character of hardwood, while being scratch-resistant, easy to maintain and budget friendly.

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like...
We like for the fall season to have its full moment in the spotlight, but it is hard to deny that all those changing leaves are a big indicator that the holidays are right around the corner.  Before new paint or new furniture, getting your home ready for holiday guests begins with gorgeous new floors.   

You will want to make your new flooring selection early in the season.  On average, it can take 4-5 weeks for the entire flooring process between choosing your floors, acclimating them to your home for four to seven days, and then having them installed.  Prefinished hardwoods take less time to install than unfinished hardwood because you have to allow extra time for sanding and staining.  With many people planning on new floors before the holidays, quality installers' schedules fill up quickly so, it is best to begin the process as early as September.  That's not to say if you haven't made your flooring choice by early November that you can't get new floors for the holidays.  With so many options in flooring, an experienced flooring dealer can find you the best choices to work within your timeframe
Which Floors Are Popular Now
Throughout the Southeast, rustic hardwoods are very much in style.  Dark stain hickory and oak colors are popular, especially in the mountains of North Carolina, but lighter hardwoods are increasing in popularity. For the rustic look, we suggest searching hardwoods with handscraped, sawmark or wire brushed textures. Combined with wider, longer boards and a low-gloss or matte finish, this flooring will create a stunning reclaimed heritage visual.  
Munday Hardwoods Palmetto Road hardwood

Munday Hardwoods Palmetto Road Riviera Collection
Munday Hardwoods, Inc. offers a large selection of hardwood flooring in their showroom in a range of styles and price points from leading brands such as Palmetto Road, Somerset, Azalea Lane, and Hearthwood Floors, to name a few. 

Cheryl shared with us that many homeowners see flooring options online, such as on Twenty & Oak, and come into their store with an idea of what they want, but it's ok if they don't.  She said, "We are here to help.  We take pride in our one on one customer care and treat our customers like family," she continued, "We always ask what color scheme they are going for in their homes and go from there. We can help them match their flooring to their walls or cabinets."  One big piece of advice that Cheryl offers is to take flooring samples home with you to help select the right color.  She said, "You can easily choose the wrong shade or tone if you don't place a sample next to your home furnishings and cabinets. We can help you coordinate all the elements to make your home warm and cozy, like a home should feel."  

Choosing the wrong shade of flooring for your home is a big mistake that a quality flooring dealer can help you avoid, but according to Cheryl it is not the only mistake a homeowner can make when beginning a new flooring project.  "It is very important to get accurate measurements to determine the amount of flooring you need," she advised. 

If you live in the Lenoir, NC area and need expert tips and advice on your flooring project, be sure to reach out to Cheryl Munday yourself - you will be glad you did! You can connect with Munday Hardwoods, Inc. here. 

Having new floors installed this fall?  We'd love to see them! Be sure to tag us in your projects on Instagram
Munday Hardwoods, Inc.
Family owned and operated since 2005, Munday Hardwoods Inc. in Lenoir, NC offers a huge selection of quality flooring with excellent and affordable pricing. They offer free estimates, personalized consultation on all jobs, in-store designers, and professional flooring installation.  From start to finish, Munday Hardwoods personally work with each customer to ensure they are completely satisfied with their new floors.  

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