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Why Vinyl Sheet Flooring?

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Easy to install and easy to clean, vinyl sheet makes a come back

It’s not your grandmother’s vinyl flooring. Vinyl sheet flooring is back and with a new stylish look. Not only is vinyl sheet flooring available in the latest styles and colors, it’s also easy to install. Water resistant, easy to maintain, and durable, vinyl sheet flooring is a great choice for busy families on a budget. Plus, most sheet vinyl floors contain up to 100% recycled content and undergo rigorous safety testing to ensure they’re free from harmful phthalates. Twenty & Oak has curated a large selection of vinyl sheet flooring for your home. Our network of Twenty & Oak retail partners is ready to help you in selecting and installing beautiful new vinyl sheet floors.



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The Progression of Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Your grandmother's shiny kitchen floor is no comparision to today's sheet vinyl.  Advanced technology and earthy design trends deliver surprising visuals and durability.

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