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Au Naturelle Flooring

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As a timeless wood species that still provides plenty of modern appeal, natural white oak flooring is perfect for using light to brighten up any space and thriving in current design schemes. Hearthwood's Au Naturelle Collection of white oak hardwood flooring is finished with sheer stains and a modern, airy palette to showcase the trademark appeal of this popular variety. The neutral tones, charming character, and subtle brushed texture combine in a contemporary aesthetic that is versatile, trending, and timeless. read more
Featuring Hearthwood's WetWorx™ Splatter and Spill Guard technology with aluminum oxide scuff and scratch-resistant finish, the Au Naturelle Collection provides homeowners with gorgeous natural white oak flooring that can handle the adventures of everyday life!

White Oak Flooring FAQ

Can you stain white oak flooring?

Natural white oak flooring is in fact a denser wood species that absorbs staining more easily. However, Hearthwood Au Naturelle Flooring is not suitable for staining. Attempting to stain your Hearthwood floors will void your product warranty and is absolutely not recommended. Thankfully, Hearthwood’s Aluminum Oxide topcoat also provides UV protection against discoloration. When combined with routine maintenance, these product advantages ensure that the stunning tone of your Au Naturelle white oak hardwood flooring is preserved for decades to come.

Is white oak durable flooring?

Yes! Hearthwood Hardwoods are finished with a premium Aluminum Oxide Polyurethane that protects the natural white oak flooring against scratches, scuffs, and the everyday wear and tear that comes with pets and kids.