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Dynamic Earth Flooring

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Mother Nature is a powerful artist, and the stunning looks in Hearthwood’s Dynamic Earth Collection of natural oak flooring pay homage to the awe-inspiring effects of her work. If you love a statement-making floor full of eye-catching character, these gorgeous wide plank oak styles showcase natural oak markings and bold color shifts for movement across the floor. In fact, wide plank oak is a perfect fit for a seamless open floor plan or enhancing the space of a room with organic luxury. read more
Combining modern tones with authentic hardwood, the Dynamic Earth Collection creates a versatile foundation for design and provides practical camouflage for active environments. Along with Hearthwood's WetWorx™ Splatter and Spill Guard technology with aluminum oxide scuff and scratch-resistant finish, homeowners have striking natural oak flooring that can handle the adventures of everyday life!

Natural Oak Flooring FAQ

What is water-resistant oak hardwood flooring?

Thanks to modern innovation and advances in flooring technology, you can have water-resistant natural oak flooring in all your favorite plank formats. A water-resistant wide plank oak such as Hearthwood’s Dynamic Earth Collection allows your home to be prepared for life’s chaotic moments and everyday spills. Thanks to Hearthwood’s exclusive WetWorx™ Splatter and Spill Guard that protects all six sides of every Hearthwood plank with innovative water-resistant technology to prevent moisture absorption, your wide plank oak floors can resist spills in your home until you can easily wipe and clean them up! Make sure that any standing water, red wine, coffee, or juice is removed entirely and as quickly as possible when it occurs. Thanks to these valuable water-resistant advantages, the Dynamic Earth Collection is one of the only natural oak hardwood floors to be warranted against damage from wet mopping when maintained with the Swiffer® WetJet Wood™ mopping system.