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As more homeowners continue to craft versatile, multi-functional rooms to better maximize space in the home, innovative flooring options that can suit a variety of activities are at a premium! Working from home was a staple of 2021 and more time spent indoors has only increased the desire for flooring materials with specially treated design and detail. Many of the exciting flooring design trends for 2022 place an emphasis on unique looks and engaging texture, while also prioritizing a connection to nature and sustainability. Whether you’re looking to refresh a living room, create a chic home office, or craft a hybrid room that makes everyone happy, you can easily find the look you love and the performance you need from the latest product offerings. Here are a few of our favorite design trends for 2022 that will help you transform your home: 

What are the wood flooring trends for 2022?
What are the natural flooring trends for 2022?
What are the tile flooring trends for 2022?

What are the wood flooring trends for 2022?

The popularity of hardwood flooring is showing no signs of slowing down in 2022, thanks in part to innovative techniques that produce eye-catching detail and patina. Equally impressive to the latest wood looks is the rise in engineered wood that offers waterproof protection, such as the entire gorgeous Raintree Flooring line, and the ability to install underfloor heating without the wood cupping or separating. Luxury vinyl plank will continue to boom as an affordable, waterproof alternative to genuine wood, realistically emulating the hottest visuals with impressive texture. These valuable flooring options allow homeowners to match their preferred wood look throughout the home, while allowing for rooms to be repurposed for different functions over time. 

Smoked wood looks like Tuscany Flooring by Palmetto Road in Modena offer rich, enhanced grain and an unmistakable patina with varying luxurious shades side-by-side. In stark contrast to traditional browns, softer bleached wood looks with visible grain such as Deja New Flooring by Metroflor in Alleyway Soft White will make their presence known in coastal homes and as sophisticated farmhouse flooring options. White, greige, and especially natural colored wood looks such as the Veranda Asheville Collection will use super low gloss finish and wide plank boards to showcase tremendous natural beauty. For added visual interest, patterned wood designs such as parquet, herringbone, and chevron are perfect for making design statements and easily elevating rooms such as kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms. 

What are the natural flooring trends for 2022?

Speaking of natural tones and finishes surging in popularity, no design inspiration is more timeless than nature! Design trends in 2022 will certainly underscore this concept and flooring materials will trend towards a more responsible, sustainable approach to their sourcing. Not only are all Twenty & Oak flooring options environmentally friendly, but many have also earned FloorScore and Assure Certifications. 
When it comes to bedroom flooring ideas and living room flooring ideas, homeowners are seeking less trendy looks in favor of rooms that will age gracefully and live longer. Matte and low sheen finishes for wood and stone looks create calming environments that still provide modern appeal. From a lighter, wider plank hardwood like Laurel Hill by Palmetto Road in White Heron, to the rich, deep tone of Woodlands Flooring by Hearthwood in Smoked, keeping floors natural and simple will bring the outdoors in like a charm. These uncomplicated visuals provide the ideal backdrop for easy-to-match pops of color from the Pantone Color Institute’s nature-inspired choices from the 2022 Spring/Summer Color Report including 16-1349 Coral Rose, 14-3612 Orchid Bloom, 18-1160 Sudan Brown, and 18-1307 Coffee Quartz. Add plenty of indoor plants to enhance the comfort and familiarity in your favorite rooms and your home will capture natural trends to perfection. 

What are the tile flooring trends for 2022?

Luxury vinyl tile flooring provides not only perfect solutions for busy households with a high amount of foot traffic, but also budget-friendly options for capturing the hottest 2022 trends in tile flooring. In addition to the largest tile formats being used for bathroom and kitchen flooring ideas, bold graphic patterns, mosaics, and vintage black and white tiles are increasingly prized for combining vintage appeal with a contemporary feel. Reclaimed wood-look tile varieties including Style by Beauflor in Rustic Dark and Parkway Pro Click by Beauflor in Chestnut 3.4 mm will provide the highly-desired warm rustic visual and color variation with the performance benefits of tile. For modern, industrial, and contemporary flair, homeowners will also turn to the worn look of concrete such as Deja New Flooring by Metroflor in Smooth Concrete Dolomite and Essence by Beauflor in Disa 797M Tile for aged patina that blends easily in many d├ęcor styles. Creating different tile patterns that display a variety of textures, sizes, and colors will also become a major hit in the forthcoming year and beyond!

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Which of these beautiful, striking design trends are you looking to bring inside your home in 2022? You can narrow down your favorite choices by ordering free flooring samples of your three favorite styles and scheduling an appointment with a Twenty & Oak pro to get more information for your project. It’s time to make 2022 the year that you reimagine the incredible design possibilities for your entire home!

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