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With Valentine's Day right around the corner, you might be looking for meaningful gifts to give your loved ones.  If the holiday snuck up on you or you have a new Valentine, it isn't too late to find sweet gifts to give the one you love.

Personalize the Commercialized

If you've waited until the last minute, you can easily walk into a department store or boutique and find the classic gifts:  jewelry, chocolate, flowers.  You can add a personal touch to any of these gifts with a sweet handwritten message.  In today's digital world of email, texts, and social media posts, the handwritten word is a rarity.  There is something incredibly personal when you give someone a handwritten letter.  It is more than a thoughtful gesture; it tells the receiver that you care and that you took the time.  Think about the handwriting of someone you is a part of them that is special, unique, and worthy to be shared.  

Make it Truly Personal

If jewelry, chocolate, or flowers are not the direction you want to go in, but you want to find a truly personal gift then think about some of the things that your loved one loves.  Is he a dazzling home chef? Consider a monogrammed chef's jacket or a new kitchen tool.  An avid runner? Look into buying the running shoes or special gear that she's been eyeing for months.  These may not seem to fit into the traditional Valentine's Day mold, but they fit into your significant other's life and bring him/her joy.  Gifts that speak to their passion let them know that you notice and celebrate what they love because they love it.  

One of our favorite ideas is to create a "Story of Us" where you author your story as a couple.  There are many sites where you can create an actual hard copy book of your story, but if time has run out for that then you can certainly type it out yourself and package it in a meaningful and romantic way. The best part of this gift is that you can add to it year after year!  
To Go Out or Stay In?
Ah, this is always the dilemma. Each is equally wonderful depending on what you like to do as a couple or what is happening in this season of your life.  Snagging a coveted reservation at the hottest restaurant is perfect for the couple that likes to hit the town or if your Valentine needs to get out of the house!  Creating a romantic evening in with a special homecooked dinner, fireplace, and ambiance is also a wonderful way to spend a relaxing evening away from the crowd.  

Other options are to book a spa appointment for two, spend the night at a bed and breakfast, or take a class together to learn how to brew craft beer or bottle your own wine.  The options are truly endless if you think about what would be a special way to spend time together.

Out of the Box Ideas

We talked to a couple recently who just purchased a new house.  They had agreed that for every holiday that first year, they would pick out gifts together that personalized their home such as artwork, furniture, or upgraded floors like hardwoods.  We thought that was a wonderful way to build upon their life together in their new home!  Every piece would be more than just a purchase but would have a story to tell.

Another idea is to invest in a spa-like primary bathroom or luxe bedroom makeover.  These are gifts you will both enjoy all year long!

Valentine's Day is a day to share with the one(s) that you love!  It is not always about the gift, but expressing the love you feel for that someone special. Spending time together and doing things together that you love is the perfect way to spend any holiday.

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